what is the dressing room project

TDRP is a photography experience bridging the gap between artist and theatre-goer. Are you a theatre student? Do you obsess over Broadway but have never seen a show? Do you wish to be a part of the magic, but wouldn't dream of stepping on stage? Let TDRP fill the the void where a $150 Broadway ticket can't get you. Created by Michael Kushner of Michael Kushner Photography, TDRP goes behind the scenes of Broadway's best performances featuring experiences you won't find anywhere else. In an editorial, blog style format - you'll learn the ins and outs of Broadway's best performers. 

who is featured?

Because Broadway is filled with artists of all shapes, colors, and backgrounds - I showcase artists that mirror that diversity. All of these actors you'll find on here have specific and inspiring stories worth sharing. Musical Theatre has started a movement in diversity  - but still, there's a long way to go. Part of TDRP is meant to influence even more inclusion than we see in 2017. If you read on, you'll find stories and photos from Ali Ewoldt, or the first Asian - American Christine in The Phantom of The Opera and Sheryl Lee Ralph, the first Black Madame Morrible in Wicked. 

Why Preparation?

Preparation are the intimate moments a ticket holder doesn't get to see. An actor never just walks on stage, gives you a performance, and leaves. An actor is an artist and has to give up something in order to live truthfully in the circumstances of the show. Sometimes preparation is about warming up the body and voice, or sometimes it's just letting the costume and make up carry you into the world, or sometimes it's just a matter of checking in on your family at home and making sure they're safe and sound. Preparation is what informs the performance we see when the curtain goes up... and it's half of where your ticket money goes.